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Food Processing machinery, Food packing machinery and other related technologies, food testing apparatus and equipment.

Beer and drink canned equipments, code spray machine, trapping label machine, CIP cleaning system, transportation system, brewing equipment, beer and drink technological devices; 

Milk product processing equipment, homogenizer, milk packing machine and asepsis canned equipments, ice cream equipments, sterilization machine, and milk product storage and transportation equipments;

Meats processing and slaughtering equipments, refrigeration devices, fresh-keeping and vacuum packing equipments, fruit and vegetable processing and metal detector, and packing materials;

Fruit and vegetable processing equipment, inspection equipment, packing material and other related technologies;

Baking equipment, convenience food and spice processing equipments, moon cake, bread, cookies and cake manufacturing equipments, kitchen equipment and all types of ovens;

Grease processing and packing equipment, coffee, chocolate and candy processing and packing equipments, bean products processing and packing equipments, and pharmaceutical packing equipment;

Packing equipment, paper pulp module equipment, carton and chipboard equipments, carton and paper cup sealing, labeling, shrinkage, filling and packaging machinery;

Medicine, health care product, canned fooddaily chemical articles processing and packing equipments; 

Plastic mechanical equipment, printing machine, plastic intertexture equipments, plastic injection molding machine, bottle and can manufactured equipments, pelletize molding set and plastic bag making machine;

General commerce equipments, hotel products, automat, stainless steel products, pipeline, valve pump, variable speed drive devices, apparatus and instruments.

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